Screen Motion Technology

Multi-software data Management for an amazing showcase

The Screen Motion Technology (SMT) was designed as TAG Heuer's showcases for Baselworld 2013. I was in charge of implementing a connection between animation software and its technical application.

Screen animations were designed with After Effects and 3dsMax, and processed with a custom-made tool that exported movement across the three available axes. This tool was writing hexadecimal data, with a structure specific to the software that controlled the electronics. This structure was determined by reverse engineering.

While this custom tool was built with MAXScript and some .Net components, I also developed a small PyQt interface to quickly translate hexadecimal snippets to a human readable string to further ease the working process.

Credits :
Showcase Concept : Dietlin Artisans   //   Engineering : FiveCo
3D Imagery : Bruno Jean   //   Motion Design : Eric Delmotte

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