Rigging spur gears at full speed

Please note : I've been asked several times, but Gearrify is not available. This is a company plug-in I developed for i-réel and belongs to them now.

Gearrify makes the process of rigging spur gears as fast and intuitive as possible. It provides an friendly and super-easy method for counting teeth, based on each visualizing abilities.
The whole rigging process is automated, creating a rig in a blink of an eye : the main (and only) controller is displayed on the root and will drive all of its children. Gearrify can create spur gears rigs in any possible rotation, make a gear drive as many others as you like, create a transmission axis or link perpendicular gears. You can also add a new chain to an already existing one ; finally, it is fully production-friendly as it will maintain scene hierarchy.

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